The Quiet Time Kit {25+ pages}

The Quiet Time Kit {25+ pages}

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Ever wondered how to read your Bible and really enjoy it?

…truly savor it? 

…get something meaningful from it? 

…actually understand it? 

Introducing, The Quiet Time Kit

A comprehensive tool to bring your walk with God to a whole new level!

You’ll go from feeling overwhelmed with spending time in the Bible to knowing exactly where to start and how to keep track of where you’re studying.

No more feeling confused and lost.

Not only will The Quiet Time Kit get you back on track, but it will keep you on the right track.

The Quiet Time Kit is designed to deepen your walk with God, while allowing you to make your quiet time more than just a checkmark on a box.

The Quiet Time Kit is for you:

  • Even if you only have 10 minutes a day to spare
  • Despite the fact that you have kids interrupting your quiet time
  • Whether or not you have experience studying the Bible. (No experience necessary!) 
  • In spite of feeling like you’ve tried other “Bible reading plans” and you’ve failed before

This brilliant, hassle-free method will bring joy to your quiet time and eliminate the frustration of feeling overwhelmed.

In the Quiet Time kit you’ll discover:

  • 2 – Bible reading plans, complete with checklists, so you can easily track your progress and never lose track of where you’re reading
  • 5 – Bible study methods, making it simple to choose a plan that will best fit your learning style
  • My Favorite, No-Fail Scripture Memory Hack, guaranteed to help you memorize more Scripture quickly
  • Spiritual Goals Planner
  • Instant Download
  • Many more tools to help your grow your faith

This is the exact system I use to grow my faith and be in the Word on a daily basis, making my time with God enjoyable and extra special.

The Quiet Time Kit will work for you even if you’ve tried to get on track with your Bible study efforts and failed numerous times before. We’ve taken the guesswork out of what to study and how to stay on track. All you need to do is show up!

Are you ready to take your spiritual life to the next level?

Order your instant download and get started right away!!!

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Eric Ward
Almost Perfect

The instructions are not complete (Maybe content was added after the instructions?) and I would prefer something more gender -neutral so I could hand it out to both boys and girls in my church but otherwise an excellent resource!

Trixie Harris
Can't wait to use

Usually the free inserts are ones you don't want to use or need. So I was very surprised to see this one. Not only was it an insert I could use but I wanted to use it. The Quiet Time Kit exceeded my expectations. Although it was free, its definitely worth paying for. I'm looking forward to using it as I grow in my faith and draw closer to God.

Peggy L Ellis
Great Plan

Thank you for your time invested in this plan. Very needful for ladies to grow in the Lord.

Laura Wheeler

loved this kit! It has so many good pieces to it and I look forward to using it with my kids in Kids church!

Melissa Tyler

Love it this is the best!!!

Yay! Thank you!